I’m Zach Stepek. I help eCommerce store owners run more profitable businesses.

I've helped countless store owners make decisions that have enabled them to grow, scale, and thrive in our digital-first economy, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue along the way.

eCommerce Consulting

What are your goals for your business? First, I can help you develop your short- and long-term goals for your store, then I'll help you develop a plan for how you can reach those goals.

Technical Architecture

Need help making the right decisions for your store's tech stack? Assistance with implementing new features and ideas? Advice on how to move to delivery and curbside pickup? I can do that.

Extreme Speed and Scalability

I've helped to run some of the largest eCommerce stores on the internet. If you're experiencing massive traffic events and you need assistance, I'd love to talk to you.

Process Optimization

Running a successful eCommerce business doesn't end with having a kick-ass website. Your operations and back-office systems need to be ready to scale, too!


Want help with your store?

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I can help you run a store on any of the world's best platforms.


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